Morocco lies at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and the snowcapped Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. This is the land of the French Foreign Legion's white pillbox kepis, fierce Berber tribesmen, and mysterious Tuareg "blue men" in indigo cheches (veil and turban). It is a land where camels stroll the dunes in search of oases, and the muezzin's call to prayer echoes across the medina. Admire the graceful architecture of ancient mosques, discover exotic cuisines that meld both African and Mediterranean flavors, or explore the most elaborate and perfectly constructed monuments in Morocco from ornate mosques to opulent palaces. You will discover the intriguing back streets of the medina, where residents live a fascinating ancient way of life. Natural beauty, splendid historical wonders, ancient medinas and souks, and an air of intangible mystery will make your experience in Morocco a very special life-long memory.

The Capital city of Morocco is Rabat, besides that, there is also Major cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech (the business capital) and also Tangier in the North side.

The Best time to visit Morocco is during spring season which falls on Mid March till May. During this season, the country is lush and green. The autumn season which falls on September to November offers yet another different experience of Morocco.

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