After millennia at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is one huge open-air museum, a striking array of civilizations, religions, and great empires that have left their marks on Turkish culture and religion, and the remains of their cities, temples, and monuments strewn across the landscape. It's a vivid mosaic of East and West, old and new, familiar and exotic all at once. Istanbul is vibrant and compelling, offering up splendid palaces, magnificent mosaics, and grand bazaars. The Cappadocia region is a visual marvel of astonishing geologic formations with an intriguing cultural history. The limestone-dotted expanse of Cappadocia takes your breath away with its tufa stone made of ash, mud and lava shaped into an astounding landscape of cone-shaped monoliths in various colors. Then there are the amazing fairy chimneys that were formed from boulders of hard basalt. And with the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Turkish people, you will soon know why they are famous for their hospitality.

Discover a virtual treasure trove of relics, ruins and remnants of the roots of modern civilization in alluring Turkey. And nature flaunts its finest as you cruise the Turkish coast amidst sparkling clear waters, beautiful coves, pine-clad landscapes and ancient historical sites. You'll come across remarkable villages that have merged modern living with wonderful time-honored traditions that include a sincere and gracious welcome for visitors from other lands. Churches, museums, palaces and theaters tell you the amazing story of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires that inhabited this land over the centuries.

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